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Rear gear change and Chain drive question

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This may be a stupid question and if it is then please guide me to a safe resolution, Thanks.
First off Im using a chain/sprocket setup and not a transfercase setup. I have 44 cut boggers out back and 35 cut varatracks up front. I have ran the truck as is. BUT, Im thinking of going to a numerically higher rear gear ratio so that I can get out of the hole alot quicker. Now if I do this and leave the front diff. gear alone would I need to change the sprockets on my chain drive?

Thanks again
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i dont know all your setup now but if it works and your gearing the rear down-( higher in number) and not changing tire size in front or rear then yes you would need to ajust the chain drive to correct for the diffrence in ratio and get the front overdrive right.

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Traveler posted a super answer to this question when I was setting up my last truck. The post "Need help with chain drive ratio," on page 5 has the formula posted. Thanks again Traveler 8-)
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Thank You Mudtoy.
Thanks to this forum for your help once again.
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