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Welcome to Mud Racer Association (MRA)!

Mud racing association is a governing body that supervises and oversees the activities, rules, and regulations of mud racing. MR association was formed in 2007, and the sole mission of the association is to ensure the unity of different mud racing groups in the country. Mud racing was initially a fragmented sport with inconsistency in its rules. The founders of MRA brought about uniformity in the sport, and this has further enhanced its efficiency and fairness. The American Mud Racing Association also ensures these uniformities.

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History of Mud Racing

Mud Racing is also known as mud bogging, mudding, and mud drags. This is off-road motorsport that has gradually gained popularity in Canada and the United States. Mud racing involves driving a vehicle or truck through a pit of mud or sand for a distance. Just like any other type of racing, mud racers who travel a longer distance through the pit are declared as winners. This sport emerged in the early 1960s, during which vehicles were explicitly built for racing in sand. Mud racing became very popular throughout Florida and California.

On the other hand, mud racers in the Midwest made use of muddy pits and fields for drag racing. The sport continued to evolve with different regulatory bodies supervising the affairs of the sport. Some of the regulatory authorities and association include the American Mud Racing Association and National Mud Racing Organization.

Monster Truck Racing League

Monster Truck Racing League is a leading mud racer entertainment that solely makes use of monster trucks. Monster Truck Racing League is a family-owned series that hosts events in Canada and the United States. Only the most prominent mud racers in professional monster truck racing are included in the organized events. Some of the biggest names include Wolf’s Head, BIGFOOT, Avenger, Ice Cream Man, Dragon Slayer and many more.

The Most Exciting Racing Events

There are several car racing events, most of which are exciting to watch. It is more exciting to watch a racing event when your favorite car racer or mud racer (as the case may be) is included in the event. Some of the most exciting racing events include:

  1. Formula One
  2. Grand Prix
  3. MotoGP
  5. INDY Car

One interesting thing to note about these events is that they support betting and as such, different betting markets can be seen in these events. There are also numerous online casinos through which bets can be placed on a particular racing event.

The best way to place bet is via online casino sites, and these casino sites are usually advertised at the different racing events. Placing a bet on a casino site is an easy thing to do. This can be achieved by the following steps.

  1. Verifying the safety, security, and trustworthiness of the online casino site to ensure that only a legal online casino is used
  2. Creating an account, setting up a preferred payment and withdrawal method, and depositing an amount of money which is used to place bets.
  3. Carry out a survey on the odds on the different racers in the events
  4. Proceed to place your bet and make real money.

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General Rules of Mud Drag Racing

Just like any other sport, mud racing has many rules. Most of these rules were formed by the different mud racer association. Mud racers are expected to adhere to these rules. Bettors are also expected to know these rules because they can also serve to improve the betting strategy they employ.

Therefore, here are some of the general rules of mud drag racing.

  1. All trucks must be inspected before participating in an event.
  2. Reckless driving is not permitted within camping areas; therefore, speed limits must be strictly followed.
  3. All tires must have manufacturer’s stamp, which should be no larger than 33” tall, and also manufacturer’s DOT number.
  4. The mud racer sit must be located on the left side, which is very similar to Stock.
  5. Only Gasoline and racing fuel are used. The use of additives such as benzoyl, xylene, aniline, toluene, propylene oxide, benzene, etc. is prohibited.
  6. Only a single automotive type engine is permitted per vehicle.

There are several other rules formed by different mud racer associations. These rules must be followed as any violation may lead to disqualification. Remember that Ignorance of the Rules is Not an Excuse. Therefore, you are expected to know all the rules.